Saturday, January 22, 2011

Secondary mirror installed

Now that the primary mirror is due to arrive here the coming Monday, I have taken the secondary mirror which has been in storage for more than a year out of it's protective wrappings and installed it in it's holder. After inserting the mirror into it's aluminum sleeve, I inserted the dew heater for it next, then polyester batting. It then took replacing the four screws to secure it to the hub and keep the very fragile, and expensive too diagonal mirror in it's cell. The mirror will now remain there until it becomes necessary to disassemble the cell again, but because the batting is not a food source for fungi and other organisms, the mirror could be washed right in it's cell without harm to it, the heater or the holder.
Another  task completed was the location and drilling of holes in the front rocker board so the battery holder can be bolted to it. Three of them are free and clear, the fourth lies right above the battery for the cooling fan, which requires the use of a threaded insert. That is a minor problem that can be rectified for the cost of a few dollars and ten minutes of work. With the mirror box and the primary mirror in place, the weight of the battery will not make the rocker box wobbly.

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