Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Battery position

Now that the primary mirror is due to arrive any day at my home, I have another matter that requires attention. In order to power all the dew heaters and the digital setting circles too when I acquire them, I need a 12-volt DC power source. I already found a way to power the cooling fan, but I also found there is no way to fit enough batteries or a single battery powerful enough for everything in the rocker box without the tailgate bumping into it.

So I got out my welding machine and some 10-gauge flat mild steel stock, and spent two hours measuring, cutting, fitting and MIG welding a battery holder for a separate 18 amp-hour, 12-volt battery that will power the dew heaters and the digital setting  circles independently of the cooling fan, which will draw little power on it's own even at full speed.

What emerged was a holder that will be bolted as low as possible to the front board of the rocker to prevent tippiness. A cable will then run from the battery to the Dew Buster, from which power will be fed to the dew heaters and the digital setting circles. After all the welding and clean up was completed, I sprayed it first with a metal primer, then glossy black enamel paint to prevent rusting.

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