Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Got some good news

Recently, I contacted the optician to see how the mirror was progressing. He reported that the mirror could be ready as soon as the middle of next month, which will place first light at the end of September or early October. Figuring the mirror is critical, so it may take considerably longer than that to complete. With that in mind, I will be buying the materials needed to make the shroud for the truss tubes, fasten the pole blocks in their final positions as well as shimming them and the pole seats as required. I've added high density foam to the case after varnishing it and welding handles for it to facilitate handing. However, I plan to add threaded inserts so I can roll it out just like the mirror and rocker box units. A steel lip was also made to keep the top from sliding around on the bottom because I opted not to use hinges. With any luck, the telescope may be ready before this year's Deep South Regional Stargaze, which I may try to attend this year.

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