Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pole block problem resolved

After making and then staining and varnishing new pole blocks, they were placed on the mirror box to see if the poles all align in the same way. Unlike the previous set, they do and thus my previous problems were resolved. That still leaves the issue of getting them to fit in the pole seats, or possibly making new ones altogether but for the present I will leave them as they are until I get the primary mirror and determine the length and angle the truss poles and blocks must have before the blocks are bolted to the mirror box.

I've also ordered a Telrad and a 50mm straight through, non-illuminated finder scope after finding that straight through 80mm finder scopes are scarce. The smaller aperture will not be a problem because ultimately digital setting circles will be my main means of locating objects anyway. The focuser has already been shipped from the manufacturer and will arrive here soon, with the finder scopes soon afterwards. When they arrive, they will be attached to the upper cage assembly and an accurate weight can be derived for determining how the telescope will balance and what, if any corrective measures I will have to take.

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