Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mirrox Box

Now that the altitude bearings are nearly finished, I decided to make the mirror box in order to determine where to attach them to it. After cutting out the panels from the rest of the 1/2-inch plywood I bought and checking them for squareness, I laid out and cut out slots for biscuits to join them together. After applying yellow carpenter's glue to the joints and the biscuits, it was a simple matter to tap the panels together with a rubber mallet, ensured the box was square with a steel framing square, then tightening the clamps. After a final checkout with the framing square, I left the box on the table saw so the glue can set. After a few hours, I removed the clamps and cut out corner braces with more 1/2-inch plywood. After applying glue I used scrap plywood to hold the braces in place while the glue dries. Then it was time to check the box for proper fit of the tailgate, which turned out to be smaller than I expected. There's a 1/16th inch gap between the side rails, a minor problem that can be fixed using washers as shims. Had the box been too small, it would have forced me to build it all over again, so if your tailgate turns out to be a little undersized, don't fret.

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