Thursday, August 13, 2009

Spider completed

Now that all welding for the spider has been finished, I primed it with a gray primer then painted it with ultra-flat black paint to suppress stray light. I've also purchased four 2-inch #10x24 machine screws to secure it to the struts. I've also chosen which screws will be used to secure the rings and struts together, which are visible in the photo above. They are Allen head stainless steel screws whose heads are flush with the wooden surface. The focuser board and finder scope base will be mounted with countersunk stainless steel wood screws. After that, the attachments for the truss poles on the bottom of the upper cage will be made next. Once they are made, the hole for the focuser will be drilled into the focuser board and all wooden parts filled and sanded as necessary before varnishing.

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