Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rings varnished, light baffle made

After several coats of exterior polyurethane, the rings, focuser board and finder scope base are finished except for a final coat of varnish. I plan to spray on the final coat after making sure no runs remain. The next step was to make a light baffle to put around the inside of the rings. I had thought about using Kydex, but I didn't want to hassle with it's idiosyncrasies. I opted instead to make it from thin plywood, and using the cutouts from the rings, I made a form. After carefully cutting a lot of beveled slats from thin plywood, I used painters tape to hold them together in a strip. I calculated the angle from the number of slats divided into 360 degrees, then divided each angle in half to get 3.5 degrees. After taping them together, I put wood glue in the gaps and wrapped the assembly around the form. Strap clamps then held the assembly in shape until the glue dried. After sanding, I primed the baffle then painted the outside with glossy black paint.

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