Thursday, June 25, 2009

Upper cage

Now that I wired in a cooling fan, switch and speed control, the tailgate and mirror cell are now ready to be installed in the mirror box. However, before I can build it, I need to build the upper end and determine it's weight. That way I can take it's weight and the weight of the tailgate, mirror and mirror box to determine how deep the box has to be. With that end in mind, I purchased some 1-inch diameter aluminum tubing and a tubing cutter and cut four 9-inch long sections which will act as spaces for the plywood rings that will be the top and bottom of the upper end or secondary cage. It will consist of the cage, focuser, spider, focuser, secondary mirror and at least finder scope. Everything that affects the amount of torque the upper end has will be in place so I can then determine how deep the mirror box will be, then how long the truss poles have to be. They too will be made of aluminum tubing of the same diameter and wall thickness.

No local sources seem to exist for the Baltic Birch plywood and tubing connectors I will need to fasten the tubing and cage rings together. Therefore I will resort to purchasing them online and having them shipped to me. Once the cage is built, I will begin acquiring the spider, diagonal holder and focuser so I can at least get everything in the right place before the optics arrive.

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